Educator | Consultant | Organizer | Mentor

Pronouns: He/Him

2018 Windy City Times "30 Under 30" award recipient, Nikk Cochran Selik, is a Chicago-based Transgender Expert who offers online seminars, professional training and consulting services to organizations, businesses, communities and families across the country. He is known for his excellence in navigating conversations around transgender identity, approaching them with personal experience and a touch of light-hearted humor. 

Nikk is also the Co-Founder & Director of the organization, T-MAC: Transmasculine Alliance Chicago. Since 2016, T-MAC has been a crucial resource for the transmasculine community in Chicago. The organization provides a safe and supportive environment for trans men and transmasculine adults to engage in topic-based discussions as well as benefit from educational workshops on aspects of the transmasculine experience.

Additionally, Nikk is a mentor for transgender youth, both independently and through volunteering for Lurie Children's Hospital's TransMentor Program. He also works with parents and family members of transgender youth through hosting online seminars and collaborating with other organizations, such as PFLAG.

Nikk also currently serves on the Community Advisory Board for the Northwestern Medicine Gender Pathways Program, offering his expert advice in developing programs that serve the transgender community.

Nikk is a transgender man who began his transition in 2009. He enjoys playing guitar, reading Tarot cards, camping, exploring Chicago and spending time with his husband.